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Friday, October 8, 2010

Data Smashed The Pumpkins Rock

Yay to Java Rockin' Land!! Was looking forward to Smashing Pumpkins, but turned out enjoying Datarock better...they're hillarious (and awesome)! Smashing Pumpkins very much lacked engagement with the audience, and they didn't even bother to say "Hi, Jakarta!"...nevertheless, I had much fun...:)

Douche x Lou Belle top worn backside-front, Topshop shirt, Cotton Ink leggings, Mooks bag, unbranded necklace, Nefertiti necklace worn as bracelet, various pins & brooches, Kulkith shoes

Lesson for those of you who'll be going there tomorrow or Sunday: wear rain boots.


lusiana mulyadi said...

I wish I have even only one....huhu...

veda said...

waa.. kayaknya seru.. hihihi itu mr. S kan kak?

Anggita said...

Di, maybe (just maybe) someone has asked this question to you, but if you don't mind please answer it again: "What brand and version of digital camera that you use to take pictures in your blog?"

Hope you had great times in JRL, too bad I can't go there. Thanks for your answer :)

Style by MLS said...

very interesting it..


Diva Zhu said...

keren kak diana! like it :D


Anonymous said...

CUTEE BAGGG!! love it so much.

Fee said...

Wowwwww! You're going to Datarock's concert?


hey nice gle outfit tue :)

Firya Adristi said...

heyy you look cool!! btw, i reaaaally happy because my computer is not broken anymore!! haha

Rebecca Clairine said...

Cute bag and top <3


Herdiana Surachman said...

whooohoo you have smarts taht little bag for carry on concert event.nice

herdi herdi as newbie

Anonymous said...

What a rock-mantic picture of you and shajreel, watching JRL together, you both must be have fun there :)

mellc_mell said...

so curious on camera that u used, Di. Everything looks good :)
Likey your outfit

Bunga Kariodimedjo said...

hi kak! aduh wktu itu kan kk pernah ngepost tentang jeans, trs nyari tau bentuk tubuh kita yg pasa sama jeans kyk gimana kan kak?
itu di toko levi's mana aja yg bisa begitu ya? masih kan? atau waktunya terbatas? trs diukurnya gmna ya? :p I dont know anything about it hehe can you please help?
Aku mulai kesel jg nih lama2 klo mau pake jeans :(
Makasih banyak ya,kak! It's gonna help me so much :D Thanks again :)

Anonymous said...

it's rainy season, you shud wear rain boots on outdoors music festivals.
I feel sorry for yours and your boyfriend's shoes.

Tiananda said...

cute outfit.. tas di bagian depan penting banget tuh biar gak kecopetan :D

you looked like a teenager again.. so young and freeeee! ^^

Diana Rikasari said...

thank you, all! it was much fun! :D

veda: iyaaa hihih....:)

Anggita Cinditya: aku pake Nikon Coolpix dear..:)

Whothefuckami?: yup! loved them a lot...:)

Bunga Kariodimedjo: itu bisa di Levi's mana aja kok...dan masih ada sampe sekarang...ayo ayoooo dicobaaaaa...:)

Anonymous : yeahhhh so true...thanks :)

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