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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Featured: Kenali Anak Negeri

Featured on Trans TV's "Kenali Anak Negeri" show back in July, but just had the opportunity to upload it now hehehe....enjoy!! :)


arra karamina said...

aku nonton lo yang ini :)

Anonymous said...

Everytime i'm on vacationing in Indonesia,trans tv is basically one of my fave channel. Thanks for putting this up on your blog :)

Sending some love from Kuala Lumpur <3 <3

Anonymous said...

love your outfit! the one youre wearing in the video! :D lawa banget deyh (: what do you work as, kak?

Amelia Djamil said...

hey Kak D, i read all your post and i just hope your not change or anything,i mean, you are on tv now,people noticed you and may be someday you could be an artist,famous or anything..but please,keep blogging,never leave us as ur blog reader.. hehe :) happy for you Kak D.

Carlinha Fernandes said...

Oi flor

Adorei seu blog

Estou sorteando R$100,00 em produtos da Mary Kay, participa!!!


DiamondHurts said...

so proud of u diana :), hidup anak negeriiii!!!!!

Ladinia DalinTasya said...

you look great :)


n.i.z.a.r said...

diana, you're so inspiring. wanna meet you to chit-chat someday, i wish :D

Diana Rikasari said...

thank you very much, everyone...:)

anonymous in KL? it's surprising that u know Trans TV...:) and thanks! :)

amelia djamil: thank you for reminding, dear! i believe we should never change who we really are...<3

n.i.z.a.r: sure! :)

muchlove said...

you are inspiring!!

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