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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Up & Down

The following images represent an analogy of life:

Zara top, Cotton On sequin cropped top, Endorse skirt, unbranded tights, Candyfeet shoes

You might be dealing with the same thing everyday, but there are always ways to give things a twist and make them feel new and enjoyable...:)

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jacobian said...

the clothes a bit dark I think.I prefer you in a colourful clothes. :-)

are you feeling grumpy? usually people wear black clothes when something bad happen.

Unknown said...

LOVEEEEE your look <3



dee said...

wowwww... cool style as usual.
i heart ur analogy kak.

visit my link yaaa.. :)!/profile.php?id=100001117219585

Raj said...

This is so cute

Anonymous said...

sorry Di, these outfit reminds me of my grandama's "kutang" (skin color, loose and no wire bra). first i looked at it, i was like omg, what is diana doing with a kutang.

Rebecca Clairine said...

i love the dress !
cool style as usuall :)


Fashion Savvy said...

This is disaster di sorry dear .. :(

Anonymous said...

whoa, i love your stockings ! where did u get it ? :D

michelle_ said...

contrary to what most of the previous commentators have said, i actually liked seeing you in this neutral colored ensemble :)

and that top does NOT look like a kaos kutang, even if it is a kaos kutang, you'd still rock it like an alexander wang bra ! you have that flair that not everyone has :)

eMe said...

I love your look so much!!


tttt said...

that sequined tops are cute, love the way you mix and match them

alavya-shofa said...

hehe. yang paling lucu yang gaya ketiga. hehe.

Anonymous said...

i love the colour pallete :)

Anabelle said...

ka Diana keren seperti biasa, sepatunya keren, dressnya juga bikin aku naksir. Oia, kakak beli sepatu dan dressnya dimana sih? kok nga ada detail brand outfitnya seperti biasa tercantum dibawah post? thanks

- Anabelle -

Diana Rikasari said...

thanks for all your comments, peeps :)

anonymous: does look like a kutang...but i guess that's the whole point ;p

Cindy Gabriella : i bought it at Plaza Semanggi near Gramedia book store :)

michelle_: thank you so much dear...glad you got the idea...XOXO :)

anabelle: oh iya lupaaa...nanti aku tambahin yaahhhh detail brands-nya :)

remy thalita putri said...

wew.. keren...
like this..:)

btw ka,
ada ide ga untuk baju ala timur tengah enaknya gimana?? hehehe

enterrement vie de jeune fille Paris said...

Très bonnes idées j'adore ton blog !!!


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