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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Cheesy Bread

A recap of my Saturday:

1) Went out to take care of my new exciting upcoming project...;p

Topshop floral t-shirt, Forever 21 waist belt, DR for Bloop Endorse lace shorts, Uniqlo tights, Luminescence zipper-flower ring, Zara studded bag, Kulkith shoes

2) Attended Bena's birthday party...

Motel floral dress, Zara cardigan, Topshop tights, Didier Lamarthe bag, Enzo Angliolini shoes

Early Valentine's Day gift from my lil' sis!

3) Continued having dinner (again) at Domino's Pizza...:)

Yay! :)


Nee said...

a fan of yours :)
you are so lovely Ms Diana.. It was nice to see you :D

Diana Rikasari said...

aahhhh thank you heheh...;p was nice to meet you too, dear!! :)

Deisha Tamar said...

hello there miss D, ahh some new project indeed *wink wink* i hope it goes well ;p

anyway here's my blog, kinda boring and definitely lack of maintenance.. i'm still wondering about the coverage for Media Indonesia, when was it? Couldn't seems to find it..

Riumni Ulya said...

Hello kak Diana...
I was very exciiiiited when i call you at that time..Your sounds smooth.. :)
do you still recognize me?
I'm Ulya...
I'm a big fan of yours.Your taste of fashion is absolutely great!
In the other time I want to see you in velvet dress.Would you love to do that,sweetie?
Thanks,dear.I hope you reply my comment. :)

Nadia Kamballa said...

Great look!! So, what's this new project?? Can't wait to hear more about it.. :P

sherlyn said...

Waw! sweet floral t-shirt!
Happy Valentine's Day kak!

Can you linked me back kak?

xo, Sherlyn

Riri~ said...

Looks like you had tons of fun. Good for you :)
And have to tell ya I just love love your zarastudded bag!!

DMKG said...

Diana!! You look so cute here! I can't wait to hear about the project :)

Anonymous said...

kak diana, pas ulang tahunnya bena ada kunto aji idol ya?
wah soalnya aku suka juga sama dia, hehe.

Febi Purnamasari said...

seems you've had a very nice day :)

love the glasses<3


cool. i love ur blog!
check mine

thanks :)

Unknown said...

such a hectic day kak. but you look fresh as always.

Anonymous said...


Fahrani Nisrina said...

awwwww ada kak benanya !!!

♥Sisterhood♣ said...

i love the first picture.
the purple bloop short is so cute!
what is the next project-nya ka? jadi penasaran and so exciting! i hope the project doing well:)

drop here sometimes^^

vina damayanti sukandar said...

yaampun kak, pas diultah bena, gayanya pada mirip kak di semua...
how it feels to became a trebd setter?

C said...

really love ur first outfit! <3

Gricia (Cia) said...

another project?wohooo!!!
and the party is so funny with everyone wearing those glasses =D

Tommy said...

Wow... Dede Bena B'day. Thanks Diana, your post remind me about bena b'day. Thanks again..

Nadya Tamara Yasmeen said...

omg i simply love your outfit <33

Diana Rikasari said...

Deisha Tamar: hey dear! thanks for the link! ah and yes, hope the project goes well :) about your inquiry, hope my tweet has helped! :)

Riumni Oolya: hi too! velvet dress? sure! will do hahah :)

Nadia Kamballa & Sisterhood: there are lots! do wait!! :D

Anonymous: iyaa...ada Aji hehehe ;p

vina damayanti sukandar: itu emang dress code-nya pake kacamata ehhehe...mangkanya semua pake ;p

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