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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Featured: Euamo

Yayyyy!! Such a sweet post though I can't figure out what she wrote heheheh....anyone care to translate? ;p Anyway, thank you soooo much, Euamo!


Indita said...

dialogue introduces the picture of Diana Rikasari look at your blog hot chocolate and mint, which gives us lessons and more lessons in style basically the ease with which she plays with the colors.
Indonesia has a baby in your closet since the menu looks mega fun and even the classics, but never ceases to be information of color, even if only score a nude, black or gray with an accessory coloridão, always very notion of coordination. legal attention to the looks of the girl is learning to break down some prejudices that many people still have that it does not mix prints, or prints that put a piece in a color of the rest should be neutral.

translate from google translate, portuguese -> english

Nadia Kamballa said...

congrats on ur feature!!

umm...trying to translate 'em but failed, hehehehehe... but i bet they're flattering ^_^

Summer Heartbeat said...

hahahha.. good job indita on translating it. :P it would be fun if we thought that the blog is praising u but it's actually condemning. haha! happy for nothing... :P neway, love yr bog diana! :)

Valonia Irene said...

wah, itu artikel dimana? keren2!
ini linknya toke sepatu yg di blog saya hehe

anyway, thx for your comment x)

Anonymous said...

she is not condemning you, she is praising the lessons in style you give and telling everyone that you are the "GIRL!" in indonesia!! she is saying that you are breaking down barriers that people won't touch because they are scared to stop being neutral!

congrats, very flattering mention!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Diana, I'm brazilian, let me translate that for you, she said that:

"the dialogue above presents the look of Diana Rikasari. In her blog, hot chocolate and mint, she give us more and more lessons of style, basicly because she can play with colors, that's easy for her. The cute girl from Indonesia has in her 'closet menu' from really fun looks til very classic ones, and she never lets color aside, even if it's nude, black or grey in a piece of jewellry, and she knows how to pull it off. It's nice to pay attention to her looks because she brakes rules, like mixing prints."

Your blog seems to be very popular here in Brazil, I've mentioned it before in mine too, check it out:

and what I said was: Diana, I'm so jealous of your pants. Silver wet leggings? I want them now!

; )


Anonymous said...

hello Diana....just to let u know..that i really2 love ur style..i think ur style are different from others, cute and funky..all the best ya!!

Diana Rikasari said...

Oh you guys are soooooooooo sweet...bunch of thanks for translating! really appreciate it :)

valonia irene: di-click aja say tulisan Euamo-nya :)

santarendeira: get em from Zara!! thanks a lot! :)

eu amo said...

ops, i'm here to translate but i think i'm late. by the way "eu amo" means "i love" in portuguese...and we really do love your style;)

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