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Friday, June 19, 2009

ABCDEFG, we are happy family

Yelloooowwww....oh how I miss blogging so much's still crazy and the only thing I do when I reach home lately is take a shower and sleep...I even have my dinners in the car, you know? How crazy is that! :D

Anyway, I really apologize for not being able to reply to your comments or emails.. I do read them all, but I really don't have the energy to type and answer your questions as there are too many things in my head I need to take out first and I hope you guys understand...

So...gonna sleep you and good night!!

-one that misses him so much-


Anonymous said...

Dear mbak Diana,
your blog has inspired me more than a fashion magazine does.
i used to hate myself becoz of my love in fashion! i'm surrounded by people who are not fashion conscious and they think that I spend too much time and energy dressing up instead of studying while it is DEFINITELY not true! I do spend a reasonable time ( if not a great deal of my time ) for studying but I simply can't resist using some of my time dressing up and shopping (summore I dun even spend a lot of money.) and some people see me differently (in a negative way) bacoz of this. Fortunately, I read ur blog post abt how u value appearance as a self appreciation kind of thing. And it really opened my mind. Apart of this. I also used to take people's comments wayyyy too seriously I couldn't even know anymore what i want, what I'm supposed to do and what I can do. But ur blog has inspired me to be what I am, confident as a God's creation. Ur optimism really motivates me!
Last year I was suspended from school becoz of a psychiatric diagnose (I cut myself and I was in a period of depression) and I constantly felt worthless and ugly. However, u (indirectly) really lifted up my self confidence and also my feeling of self worth. I can't give u any greater gratitude. Thanks a lot mbak Diana :) love ya!

ps : I dun have any google account so I can only opt for 'Anonymous status'.

love with a box of high heels and chocolate,


casual cutie said...

take a rest honey....your live are crazy!!!

DiamondHurts said...

your health is important diana, hope u have a great weekend and take a rest dear :)

aizat.cinta.goddess said...

hey!wanna trade link?

Wina said...

Wow, reading the thoughtful letter above, just goes to show how much you've become an inspiration, not just to her, but to me, and to so many girls out there!

If you don't believe me, check out some Indonesian fashion blogs.

They often mentioned in their first post how they got inspired by you and then started blogging. I did too!

ABBY said...

dinner in the car!
thats crazy babe hahaha

takkaire aye :)

Rosalina Anggraeni said...

hang on... hang on sis!

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