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Friday, May 22, 2009

Revisiting the year 1825

On my route home from work, I pass by this petite shop practically everyday, the only shop that keeps me fully awake before I doze off in the car cuz I always enjoy seeing their front display even when I don’t often drop by in actual fact. Then only today it occurred to me, why not I do a shop review for the very first time in my blog? It’s an interesting shop to cover anyway…;p

But then again, I’m not too good in unfolding things I’ll just leave you with these heartwarming pics and let you all construct your own thoughts about 1825…:)

Visit 1825 here:

Jl. Tebet Timur Dalam Raya no. 141, Jakarta Selatan


Doriyuckey said...

wow. wish i can go to Indonesia!


Gricia (Cia) said...

Di,udh lama mo k tk ini tp gk tw dmana T_T tny donk dy bkn daera bloop dkk yha?tebetny yg daera cheesecake factory kah?

casual cutie said...

wah bajunya aneh2 & lucu2. tapi di sitenya ko cuma ada bag & aksesoris. ga ada bajunya???

Sabila Anata said...

Hey Diana ! 1 advice for you : ALWAYS post a shop review . Because we always know that ur fashion taste is brilliant :) post more blogs about shop review girl ! Oh ya i know 1 onlineshop who sells the big bows like from nefertiti but it's only Rp 40.000 ( $4) there !! Maybe you want to see it it's called Betty LA Shop. The Facebook is : Betty la shop
I've bought the bows and it's soo cool :)

Diana Rikasari said...

doriyuckey: oh do visit Indonesia! :)

gricia: bukan di daerah bloop...gue juga bingung jelasinnya hehehe...dia dia jalanan raya tebet yang kalo elo terusin keluar2 di MT Haryono...

casual cutie: iya...kalo online dia cuma jual aksesoris aja..baju harus dateng langsung :)

sabila anata: yes! will do!! hehehhe...thank youuuuu :)

aldila sekar said...

ka diana, tinggalnya d tebet ya?
aku di tebet dan dkt bgt sm 1825, hmpir tiap hr aku kesitu :)

Primashaa said...

Dear Mbak Diana ..
Sepertinya kemarin aku liat-liat post-mu tahun 2007/2008 ..
Kayaknya Mbak Diana udah pernah posting review belanja kesana sebelum ini ..
Mm .. or maybe I just wrong.
Sorry and thanks a lot.

Anonymous said...

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