Tuesday, July 7, 2020

6 Months in 2020 Gone Already

Errrr...hello, July. I honestly wasn't expecting to see you so soon. Half a year is gone already, with most of us all still in lockdown, staying safe by staying at home. And it's not getting easier, isn't it? New issues keep arising, challenges are getting harder, but on another end, this year has been revolutionary too. 2020 is the year of awakening for a lot of us, where we were suddenly forced to adapt, learn new things, toughen up, confront our own anxieties, rediscover old hobbies, heal broken relationships, and little do we realize, things are actually getting better, just in a very different way. 2020 is definitely a year to remember, a beginning of a decade that I hope will make us much, much stronger.

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