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Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Visiting My Second Home: KL

Being back from Switzerland means not just visiting Indonesia, but also my second home that is Malaysia. I grew up in KL, did my kindergarten and elementary school there, and even did my Masters in Malaysia too. I mean come on, roti canai and teh tarik for breakfast is like literally the best thing everrrr.

But anyway, yes, I just visited KL again, spent 3 days there to also check on my Schmiley Mo team (errrrr why are they based in KL? Because at the moment, Schmiley Mo's main market is Malaysia, followed by Singapore, Indonesia and Brunei, so might as well focus there and have our warehouse in Malaysia too). We also arranged a #SchmileyMoBreakfast event with fellow media friends and influencers to introduce our new collection, #EatYourBreakfast. Funny thing: Our new collection is inspired by my personal love for Acai Bowl, so in this breakfast event, I purposely ordered Acai Bowl for everyone so that I can share with them in detail about, you know, why Acai Bowl. Out of 25 people there, only 2 people finished it and the rest barely even touched it. They prefer nasi lemak omgggg zzzzzzzzzzzz. My bad.

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