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Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Hello, To To To Torino!

The day(s) I have been sooooooo nervous about have arrived (and finally ended)! Hahah!

So, Schmiley Mo showcased in Torino Fashion Week just last Sunday, and this was what have been on my mind constantly as I try to sort out everything in my head by myself. The logistics, the luggage, the train ride, the hotel, the fitting session, the ironing and steaming, the styling, the line-up board, the backstage last-minute preparations...I just had to make sure that everything was well-planned to minimize any chaos, panic or even disaster. BUUUUUUT IT WAS ALLLL GOOODDDD OMGGGG ALHAMDULILLAH. I had Tania to come along with me and help me, and I met many friendly people who were also so helpful. Allah is kind. Our Schmiley Mo fashion show went well too so I am sooooo happyyyyy. We did it, team! We did Italy! Woohoooo! Schmiley Mo will turn 2 this end of year and I can't believe our journey has been extremely exciting (and global!) in such a short time. I love my job. I love my team. Here's to more, better, bigger milestones! *cheers*

Will share more about the fashion show itself in a separate post. Yayyyyyy! :)


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