Wednesday, April 25, 2018

It's You and I

There's a lot behind a smile; happiness, gladness, relief, respect, amusement, concealed sadness. Sometimes, it also hides anger. Things are not easy in life - it never was, probably never will be. I cannot see any phase in my life where I am not given such big tests and challenges by God, and honestly, it just keeps getting tougher. There are days when I feel like running away. There are days when I just want to be invisible. There are days when nothing makes myself feel better, and the fact that I can't really run away makes me end up just crying in my bed until I fall asleep. I don't have everything figured out, sometimes I feel like my future is blurry. Sometimes I feel lost. Sometimes I feel helpless. Whenever I have all these terrible feelings, I tell S every single bit of it. And I ask him, "will things ever get better?", to which he always says, "it will, honey. And most importantly, we have each other".

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Riza Adrian said...

Hai, Kak Diana! Terima kasih untuk tulisanmu yang selalu "menyemangati"-ku di blog ini. I hope Allah always grant you and your family a lifetime happiness.

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