Wednesday, December 27, 2017

2 Weeks In Jakarta

OMG I abandoned my blog for 2 weeks! In my 10 years life of blogging, I think this is the first time I didn't update my blog for this long hahah! So what happened? LIFE. WAS. SO. BUSY. IT'S CRAZY.

Long story short, my family and I decided to fly back to Jakarta, and since it was our first long-haul flight with Daria, we had so many preparations (to make sure she would feel comfortable) that I just couldn't think of anything else heheh. And after we reached Indonesia, it was simply one event after another every single day, so I really couldn't make the space to breathe a little and write.

But here I am today, awake while S and Shahmeer and Daria are all already asleep as usual. A little ironic that I finally am able to write just before we leave for Switzerland again tomorrow evening. I feel so sad to part again with my parents. I love them so much I wish I could just live with them forever, or they live with us forever, whichever, same thing. To be honest, they are the only reason that makes traveling a little hard.

But anyway, life moves forward. Life happens, life hurts, life heals, life is just as it is; always full of surprises.


Anonymous said...


putri fatma said...

so colourful as always 😻

Anonymous said...

please do separate posts for your each activity in jakarta! would love to read them!

irvina lioni said...

bajunyaaaaaa aaa aaa aaa pengen T.T

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