Saturday, June 24, 2017

Oh Tantrums

I'm really glad to have come across this article which talks about dealing with our child's tantrums especially when it's in public. No matter how tiring or embarrassing it might feel, the key is to just acknowledge that little children have feelings too and they are still learning on how to express them. Besides, these times shall pass and they will become one of those funny things we'd talk about over and over again when they are big inshaaAllah.

"Let's not be embarrassed for our children. It doesn't reflect on you. In fact.. we should probably be a little more kind and patient with ourselves too. If we got out everything we were feeling and allowed ourselves to throw tantrums and cry when we felt the need to then maybe we could also let ourselves feel more joy and happiness. And that is something this world could definitely use a little more of."

Parents with toddles, do have a read! :)

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