Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Oh Baby

Entering week 30, I am feeling exhausted more than ever. I just want to sleep all day if I could. I've been having severe backache for the past few days but getting a massage here in Swizerland is extremely expensive. I miss drinking bubble tea. I miss going to my mom's house and asking her to massage me a little hehe. I miss my friends. Currently I am juggling between being pregnant, taking care of my extremely active toddler, sending him to school and picking him up from school, doing all sorts of house chores by myself, waking up at the weirdest times so I can communicate with my team back in Indonesia, working on my businesses, and I guess my body is slowly giving up.

I just keep reminding myself that soon, in a couple of weeks, inshaaAllah I'll be meeting my second child, and that thought is what keeps me together. Life is not always easy, but life is always beautiful. Bismillah.

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hanny arianty gultom said...

Semangat Die.. "This too shall pass." Kata mommy2 lainnya.. :P

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