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Sunday, November 20, 2016

Eyelashes Game Strong

I’m back with another Revlon review, this time for two mascaras that got me hooked once again. Meet my pink and red babes: the new Revlon Ultra Volume™ mascara and new Revlon Ultimate All-In-One™ mascara.

The new Revlon Ultra Volume™ mascara comes with a pink cap and has a conditioning formula that volumizes lashes. I have to admit that I fell in love with the pink cap first heheh. But after trying, this new Revlon Ultra Volume™ mascara clearly does not disappoint. I love how my lashes look after the mascara dries. No clumping. It does a great job in separating the lashes while at the same time making them look fuller. If you notice closely, their new Revlon Lash Plumping Brush™ consists of long and short bristles to avoid any thick grouping.

Now the next one has become my ultimate favorite! The one with the red cap, the new Revlon Ultimate All-In-One™ mascara. It has a small and unique shape of brush called the new Revlon Power Mini Brush™ that makes it easier in applying the mascara - I can focus on each part of my lashes easily to make sure the coverage is even. The result creates a super long, thick, strongly defined and jet-black look. Ultimate love. With this mascara, I don't even need to use any false eyelashes.

Here's the different result between the two:


Which one do YOU like better? :)


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