Sunday, August 7, 2016


Why does God decide things for us when we feel uncomfortable with His decisions?
Why do we have to suffer?
Why must we feel unbearable pain?
Is it to make us strong?
Is it to make us learn?
Is it to push ourselves so we try harder?
I wonder about these questions every day, although I do believe that however difficult, God knows what is best.
But is it wrong to question?
Because sometimes, we live not knowing the answers, and to live that way makes us feel incomplete, like something is always missing.
But is it wrong to not have the answers?
Because sometimes, mystery is good and certainty can be dangerous.
When we live seeking for answers, we take opportunities, we take risks, we take time to observe.
When we stop looking for answers, we stop living.
Which one do you prefer?


Endah April said...

live seeking for answers

Michelle Chan said...

i will live for searching the answers ;)

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