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Sunday, July 17, 2016

Two And A Half Boy

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My son is officially 2,5 years old today. Semi-happy birthday, my booooy! :)

On my end, this marks my 2,5 years journey struggling and juggling between being an entrepreneur / blogger / youtuber / author / host / wife / mom and my brain does hang at times..:D

But all this mess and stress is an investment for my life because neither can we repeat nor rewind time and these moments of constant craze will be missed. I am lucky to have such a supportive system where my husband and parents are willing to take turns in taking care of Shahmeer while I have to work. As they say, family is where everything starts and ends.

My message to all young parents out there: starting our own little family is totally fun and probably the best experience ever because we get to start a new chapter and a whole new life, but never forget moreover neglect our own parents afterwards because life - ours and theirs - should continue and expand. Always let them be a part of our new chapter. Let them feel the stress and mess because they actually miss it too. :)


Jump & Down said...

Congratulation Diana! So I've been following your blog for 2,5 years now. I remember I start reading your blog constantly the day you start telling your reader that you're expecting, if I'm not mistaken. And how crazy that is, since then, I married and now have an 8 month baby girl, so I practically growing up while reading your blog :)

I'm a working mother as well and the craziest thing is for me is when I decided to bring my baby to work since she's 3 mo yr old! My boss is totally fine and I, in a crazy magic way, can juggle between breastfeed my baby and doing my work at the office at the same time. Since then I got helped by a house maid to look after my baby when I was working. so everyday I bring my baby, all of her belonging, the mbak to look after her and my stuff. Can you imagine how many stuff that I bring to work everyday.

But now she's 8 month now and already having solid food, everything getting in control, or maybe because I get used to having her around me 24/7 Ha!

And now I'm with no mbak to look after her and an 8 month baby is getting more active every single day. It's a true challenge!

But I always see you as my inspiration. If you can do it, I should able to do it also!. It's about willingness.

Anyway, I probably talk too much. Keep inspiring Diana!

From your reader

Meitha Siregar said...

I added your snapchat months ago just because I want to see Shahmeer more hahaha. One day on your snapchat story, I saw he's drawing on the wall and I think his creativity will be as awesome as yours. You did a great job Mama Diana!


cookiemonster said...

Haha! i wonder how you can keep up with all the hectic ness as an author/wife/mom//blogger/youtuber!!! i bet you have a tight schedule!!!

Turis Cantik said...

Happy b'day Shahmeer ;)

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