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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Don't Dream It's Over

I have been playing this video on repeat because I don't know, it just warms my heart and I can really feel the love and sincerity between the two and it's beautiful..:)

On Miley Cyrus herself, I've been a fan of hers since Hannah Montana but started questioning her extreme transformation ever since she twerked on the MTV Music Awards and continuously appeared almost nude on almost all opportunities possible. I wouldn't use the word "hate" because "hate" is a strong word, and "dislike" seems incorrect as well because like it or not, I still like Miley. Perhaps the word would be "disagree". I just disagreed with her actions and decisions because for a person like me who is deep down still conservative, I think she's crazy! With all that she's doing, I personally think Miley Cyrus was not being a good role model for the youngsters.

But over time, after I watched so many interviews that she has done, I can now understand her and started loving her once again. Despite her antiques, she has an extremely good heart and she stands up for the things she believes in - and that's a rare quality. On this note, Miley Cyrus is a good role model for the youngsters. And now I understand that actually, she does not represent "crazy". She represents "freedom". She believes in owning your body and being comfortable in it and just be yourself and be happy. Still, do I agree with her extreme actions? Nope. But can I understand? Yes, I can.

When we learn to understand why people do what they do, things can make sense, you know? :)


Hanifa said...

I feel the same exact feeling towards Miley. I'm a huuuge fan of Hannah Montana and I love her bubbly personality. Despite all craziness that she's done these past few years, I also try to understand her. And now I understand. She can sing she can't be tamed, but she's already tamed herself to be a better person.

hanny arianty gultom said...

I second that!


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