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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Beauty, My Dear.

I have been receiving a lot of endorsement offers from beauty clinics providing cosmetic surgery to try out their services for free. By "try out", it literally means go for an actual plastic surgery, jaw shaving, botox, filler, breast implant, you name it. I have always politely declined these offers no matter how much they try to persuade me. Until one clinic from Korea asked me, "why are you so hard to get?". This question surprised me to a point where my eyebrows reached its highest limit and my jaw dropped. "Hard to get?".

Let me make it clear. I believe in natural beauty. I believe in loving myself because this is how God created me. I love my chubby cheeks. I love my double chin. I love my puffy eyebags. I love the person inside me. I love myself for who I am. Simply put, I am extremely grateful for all the features I have, and I don't need to change anything just so I look "perfect" in photos. Therefore, it is not just a matter of "oh I got a free offer, let's give it a try!". Girl, life is more than freebies. You gotta have values, girl.

I guess such mindset of mine is hard to believe in this day and age, because the cosmetic surgery industry is just getting bigger and bigger, and they are even reaching out to influencers to help spread their wings.

As an influencer, I have the responsibility to stand up for what I believe is right. I pray and will try as hard as I can to raise my children to become happy beings - beings who are grateful for who they are and what they have.

If you disagree with me and think cosmetic surgery is fine, I respect your decision.



Lulu Khodijah said...

Da bestt kak Di!

yasinta dyah puspaningtyas said...

i do respect your thoughts very much kak! you have a pretty face and also an awesome mind<3 keep inspiring xx

Unknown said...

It's a hard statement and I totally agree "... they are even reaching out to influencers to help spread their wings. As an influencer, I have the responsibility to stand up for what I believe is right." I'm in your side kak hahaha

Alsheila's Blog said...

Setuju kak Diana. I would rather agree with you than I have to change me as my self

Novy Astria said...

Hahahahaha that Korea Klinik endorse lumayan banyak beauty blogger. Ada yg memang operasi memang ingin terlihat lebih cantik, ada yg operasi karena memang perlu dioperasi.

Anyway.... operasi plastik atau tidak, itu hak pribadi masing-masing. Tapi kalo ada unsur paksaan, I think its a bit rude.... please respect other person choice.

Unknown said...

setuju banget kak di! Menurutku selama nggak ada yang parah banget yang perlu diperbaiki, gak usah lah pakai operasi segala
such a great inspiration kak ^^

XOXO, The Rainbow Days

NiaNastiti said...

I agree that every girl should have VALUE :)

Anonymous said...

If there was a like/love button for this post, I would press it. This is only the second time I've commented on your blog but in the so many years I've followed your blog. I really admire the way you stay true to yourself. I have seen many bloggers "evolve" and turn their blog into advertisements for various products and companies and it's so fake to read. Sometimes, I cringe at the way they write because you know they HAVE to write something positive since they're being paid for it. More often than not, everything comes out fake. Anyway, please keep up the good work =)

Niken Widowaty said...

Totally agree with u! :)

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