Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Simplicity of Life

If I could sum up the things I have learned over the past 30 years of my life, it would be:
  1. Never stop believing
  2. Never stop trying
  3. Always be grateful
  4. Always be kind


dWi (nining) said...

It's kinda law of attraction, what a lovemy thought ;)

Nurul said...

Thank you for this :)

- Love from Malaysia

Liem Mister said...

Thanks for inspiration.

Anonymous said...

Nice and very well said.

Kalau mau establish bisnisnya mungkin bisa cek ke sini ya Cek Bisnis Anda Disini

Feby Larasati said...

i'll never stop believing that i can meet you in person someday,
i'll never stop trying to meet you in the future, even tho last time i failed,
i'll always be grateful for everything i have, include you as my idol,
i'll always be kind to me, you, and everyone :)

have a great day kak.

Khoirur Rohmah said...

thank you so much for this quote, kakak ^_^

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