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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Practicing Good Habits

Set Daily Goals
It's good to set goals for your future, but thinking too far ahead can sometimes make you lazy because unconsciously, we like to think that the future is still a looooong loooog way to go. Setting daily goals keeps you on track, making sure you become productive every day, and that each day is a step closer to your dreams. How? Make a daily to-do-list and make sure you tick them all by the end of the day!

Schedule your life
Don't get lost in work. Make sure you note down every single homework, meeting and plan. Make sure your schedule is not overly ambitious because every one needs to breathe. Don't try to remember all your schedules too, because it will tire your brain. Note everything down on paper because writing is like emptying your brain. Un-clutter your brain by having a monthly planner too so you have an overview on how busy your month will get so you can mentally prepare.

Do, now.
Never, procrastinate. Make it a habit to DO IT A.S.A.P. Remember, you have things on your to-do-list and you gotta make sure they are all ticked off by the end of the day. Having this kind of attitude might even make your dreams come true earlier than you think!

Exercising is healthy. Sweating is healthy. Keeping your body move not only makes you physically healthy, but also mentally happy. When you are happy, you are more productive. When you are more productive, you are more likely to reach your dreams, don't you think? Exercising is good for you. It is worth your time. And just try to see it like this: each day you exercise, you live one day longer. Amiiiiiiiiin.

Spend time with your loved ones
I believe that in order to succeed, we need blessing from the people we love. Otherwise, the view will be lonely from the top. Therefore, make sure you make time for the people you love. Family, friends. Quality time with them should make you happier and your soul filled with good energy.

Rest and relax.
As much as you're willing to work your a** off to reach your dreams, you gotta let your brain and body rest. Relax. Unwind. When you're relaxed, you'll even get more ideas or even new ways on how to reach your dreams. Have enough sleep every day. Go for massage. Go pamper yourself. Read self-improvement books, or cheesy novels that fill your heart with love. Watch movies you love. Listen to good music. Just unwind.

After everything has been done, never forget to evaluate your day. Try to recall what happened. No matter how good or bad your day went, there is always, always a lesson to learn. Remember, only by having the will to learn you will be able to progress in life and eventually, reach your dreams!


Lulu Khodijah said...

this is literally what I need :"")

Annisa Mulia Razali said...

Never, procrastinate..

Baca ini pagi2, langsung mandi dan ngga scrolling2 smartphone lagi xD

Yoekaa said...

Langsung semangatsssss.......

Unknown said...

makasih kak Di tips nya, boleh dong kasi tips gimana biar ga males dan biar stick to to-do-list :( kadang ada saatnya males datang dan aku gak dijalur yang sudah di plan kan.

Unknown said...

duh kak, baca post ini pagi-pagi di saat mau nyantai dulu sebelum menghadapi hari :") thank you so much kak untuk reminder dan inspirasinya :")

&hearts, Cilla
The Rainbow Days

LOTI said...

Ide bagus! Manfaat nih

Unknown said...

Suka sekali kak Di! Thank you so much xxx

Unknown said...

Kak Di! Thankies berat buat notes ini!! So inspiring :)

spider said...

always practicing good habits !

visit my blog gals :

Dermawan said...

Bermanfaat sekali!!! Trims

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