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Sunday, March 6, 2016

Three Portraits

My kind of "beauty" portraits, shot by hubby.

 photo Diana 2016 b blog_zpsbxzynsf4.jpg  photo Diana 2016 blog_zpsr6mvksd8.jpg  photo Diana 2016 c blog_zpsq7wkuziw.jpg


Kiki Casmita said...


Raj said...

You are so beautiful, and the colours...♡

What Raj Wants

Unknown said...

I like this kak di!

MITCH said...

kacamatanya lucuuu :D

Oh Dear Bumblebees

Anonymous said...

Love the second one! Btw, you always stunning diana. Please kindly visit my blog too
Sylvi Says Hello

GiE said...

Love it. Nice dear!!

raihanahrajab said...

Sukaaa banget!

gladysglados said...

Hahah..I'd be like the third one make-up with unicorn horn and my pony-tail colored in pink. :)

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