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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

My Pink & Orange Lunchbox

I believe that taking care of your health starts from our daily routine like eating and drinking regularly, exercise regularly, having enough sleep.Those are the simplest things that we usually ignore, though. We often compensate our eating time for work, reduce our sleeping hours for work, forget to drink enough water because of work, and hey, we say we have no time to exercise because there’s so much work to do!
As a blogger and entrepreneur, I do experience this at times and I have been telling myself to start changing this bad habit because above all, health is # 1. Work is # 1,25 heheheh.

Ever since I received these bright-colored Tupperware products, I am making myself used to bringing food and drinks when I am on the go. Having to hop from one meeting to another and one photo shoot to the other, the car is where I end up eating. So I now eat when I am in the car, and I have a super power nap too in the car (even a 15 minutes of nap work wonders for you, trust me!). Therefore I arrive fresh at my next meeting or shoot.

 photo blog1_zps90xu3mqk.jpg

They say, it takes 21 days to change someone’s habit, and I am on day 13 on this new habit of bringing my own food and drink. So happy!

 photo blog 2_zpsffswsxcj.jpg

Wanna try this new habit too? Join the Tupperware 21 Hari #BekalItuBaik Challenge and you’ll win free Tupperware products at the end of your 21 days. Sounds fun, right? Click here for more info..:)

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vina said...

start a healthy life :)

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