Saturday, November 14, 2015

Saturday At Home

Spent some time tidying up our living room and bathroom so I took some snapppsssss..:)

Next month marks our 2nd year living in this house and we feel like we need to do something new heheh. Perhaps do some landscaping in our front yard, and create a proper play area for Shahmeer on the 2nd floor. InshaaAllah! :)

 photo a_zpskturhstz.jpg  photo aa_zpsbu0rihi1.jpg


geLintang said...

rapinyaaaa *o*

Rizuna Swon said...

kece ya rumahnyaaa. Love love your bathroom, Kak ♥

Take care,
Rizuna from 100% Nerd

Stephanie Sjan Semen said...

I love when you posting about your house kak. It's trully inspiring <3 | join worldwide giveaway

World of Wardah said...

Reeally really love your bathroom

tyas permana said...

Suka banget sama #bidibidibongbong, bisa buat contekan kalau punya rumah hihii

Winda said...

Ya ampun, pertama mampir ke blog ini. Langsung jatuh cintrong aw aw aw <3 COLORFUL ABISSSSSSS!!!! Mauuuuuuuu punya rumah kayak gini ntar #kiss

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