Monday, November 2, 2015

4 Days of Fun at Digital Fashion Week Singapore

It's a wraaaaaaap! So sad to leave Singapore and end my journey as the Digital Fashion Week Insider for Singapore. Everyone else is continuing to Bangkok but I got my little one waiting for me so hey...back to reality! The best part was definitely being able to meet new people and make new friends, and also discover new fashion talents from Asia. I had a blast! :)

 photo IMG_1527_zps9xkdu05s.jpg  photo IMG_1830_zpsetcfjq7p.jpg  photo IMG_2114_zpskhzy24hx.jpg
 photo DSC03951_zpsv4vdmwxz.jpg  photo DSC03982_zpsb8zbbvsx.jpg  photo IMG_2448_zpsl8faagpx.jpg  photo IMG_1525_zpsatptgqkr.jpg  photo DSC04393_zpsa8mytvbd.jpg  photo IMG_2810_zpsgn9hm1z4.jpg  photo DSC04181_zpsogvjwmiv.jpg  photo DSC03965_zpszodln4jy.jpg  photo IMG_2147_zpsw8tlobjl.jpg  photo DSC03979_zpswomhp4uq.jpg  photo DSC04123_zpsprysnu0k.jpg  photo DSC04151_zps3bptjo6s.jpg  photo DSC04396_zpsz3jffjmf.jpg  photo DSC04795_zpsgpu7htpc.jpg  photo DSC05141_zps14nxljvl.jpg  photo DSC04414_zpsilvflsdc.jpg  photo DSC05117_zpspwmzdbfu.jpg  photo DSC04844_zps9t2ry9e6.jpg  photo IMG_2381_zpsdpzxpycu.jpg


Izzah A said...

Kak Oh My God that Unicorn dress !!! So adorable makes me cry, huuhua. I can't get information where it comes from on your previous post, is it DIY ? COOL !! Hope you have fun in reality Kak. XOXO.


Annisa mulia said...

Kak Di selalu deh bikin speechless ^^

Brenda evans said...

those dresses are so gorgeous! <33

Mallonlineindonesia said...

woowww poto poto poto nya keren kak penampilan nya \0/

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