Thursday, October 29, 2015

Digital Fashion Week - Day 1 OOTD

Digital Fashion Week in Singapore has officially started! For Day 1, I decided to be a unicorn, and that includes tulles, lots of unicorn patches and huge flowers on my head.

 photo qqqq_zpsq4tztrvt.jpg  photo qqqqq_zpsotof29og.jpg  photo qqq_zpsl1mhajpo.jpg  photo w_zpskrsjwxuk.jpg  photo ww_zpstksf901x.jpg 

And btw, meet Sarah from Urban Wit. I super adore her style! :

 photo a_zpsrenxl1g6.jpg
 photo q_zpsan480ifr.jpg
 photo qq_zpsdtsjrahl.jpg


Jelita Andini said...

very cute kak di!

ya ampyuuuunn~~~

Nuris Ely Setyo said...

What a fresh colour

Anonymous said...

I didn't even know Digital Fashion Week was a thing! How fabulous. I really love those flowers. Very inspirational outfit! Who doesn't want to be a unicorn for a day now and then?

Stephanie Sjan Semen said...

Sarah outfit was really cute <3

Adele said...

love the unicorns on your dress <3

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