Saturday, September 19, 2015

#88lovelife: Meet & Greet - Day 1

It feels so great to be back in Malaysia for another round of #88LOVELIFE Meet & Greet. The last time we were here, our book was not available in MPH Malaysia bookstores yet. This time, they finally are and even became MPH's #1 BESTSELLER for a few weeks in a row, although this week we got to #2, which is really unbelievable for us.

Our 1st day was done at MPH Nu Sentral, KL. So happyyyyy! Some readers who dropped by were very sweet they made me teary. For me, to have a guy come up to you and say "I love your book, your words are genius" is like the world to me. Thank you so much...:')

 photo y_zpsmvjqrl58.jpg  photo u_zpsdnpa2fzc.jpg  photo o_zpseimcmalj.jpg photo rrr_zps7fxolhr4.jpg  photo tt_zpskzvkbuyj.jpg  photo ooo_zpsq21hntj1.jpg  photo uu_zpspzmem1xy.jpg  photo ooooo_zpsk6nlw6ae.jpg photo iiiii_zpsdyfnxa56.jpg
 photo yy_zpsi4akzw1v.jpg  photo iiii_zpshz7ri6bt.jpg

We also got a visit from NTV7 and RTM Malaysia who interviewed us and covered the event. Thank youuuuu! :)

 photo ee_zpscygububl.jpg
 photo eee_zpsuxbe6xee.jpg  photo e_zpspbkdzug5.jpg  photo eeee_zps2p8sofnp.jpg  photo yyyy_zpsfbzbxavu.jpg

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