Saturday, August 22, 2015

Sleep Talking

S likes to talk in his sleep. It's funny. But also scary. These are the example of things he says in his sleep. They are extremely random but most often related to work. Poor S, my workaholic husband..:D


"Babe, committee is called 'panitia', right?"


"Can you check the data? The switching data? Open the Excel file."


"Babe.. babe.. baaaaaaabe.."


"If you see this slide, you can see the figure has... has..."  *zzzzzzz*


hunz said...

hihi.. lucu Die..

Saskia Rahmadina said...

hahaha we want more!!!!

Rara-chan said...

hi kak Diana, aku sedang menggunakan blogmu untuk analisis blog tugas kuliahku. Gak papa, ya? Blogmu menarik. Aku suka.
Btw, kita pernah ketemu >< di SMB. Dan aku speechless :'D

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