Thursday, July 23, 2015

My New Pink Friend

Oh finally!  A portable hard drive that can fit all my forever growing number of files. Meet my new stylish WD My Passport Ultra in Wild Berry color!  The size is small and thin enough to fit into all my daily handbags, but the size? It can hold up to 3 TB. Woohoooooo! That’s super enough to save and backup all my photo, music, video and document files for many years to come.

For safety purpose, we can also set a protection password to make sure that our hard drive is only accesible by us. I think this is a really important feature because hey, if I ever lose my hard drive (God forbid!), I would really really be worried if someone goes through all my files.  

Since 31% of computers have had malware at some point, having our data safely backed up onto a secondary device like this My Passport drive is critical to preserving precious data. I’ve learned the hard way because when I was in university, a robber broke my car window and stole my laptop, and at that time, I never backed up any of my data to an external storage. I felt like my life was taken away from me. All my precious and important memories were stored in that very laptop and it just disappeared like that. I’m so so sad because I hold no photos from my uni days at all today. Learning: always backup your files. And now I shall do so using my new pinky stylish WD My Passport Ultra
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Regina Wahjoeni said...

how much and where did you buy it? i thought if it was more than 1tb, it comes with a power supply. thank you

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