Saturday, July 25, 2015

About Little S.

I love Shahmeer. I love his eyes. I love his smile. I love his sweet smile. I love his naughty smile. I love his excited smile. I love his lazy sleepy smile. He has many types of smiles. When I look through his eyes, I see love. A love so pure and innocent it keeps me so full and complete, and so free yet committed. His hug is my remedy. It cures, it charges. His body is warm, just like mine. When I see Shahmeer, I see myself in him. I can feel his crazy energy and huge sense of humor, just like mine. It's amazing to see yourself in someone else, only this time, you don't wanna compete. You want him to be completely better than you.

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Cintantya S R said...

sweet and lovely mom :')


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