Tuesday, June 16, 2015

What I Wore Today

I've been addicted to wearing blush-ons under my eyes instead of on my cheeks. Some say it's cute, some say I look like I'm having some rash, my husband said I look like I'm super tired. Heh? LOL.

I don't know. I actually like iiiitttttt. YOLO so I'll keep it for now! :D

 photo q_zpso3sj9tbw.jpg  photo qq_zpsvzpe0of0.jpg  photo qqqq_zpskzddqwzy.jpg  photo qqqqq_zpscsipjxo5.jpg  photo qqq_zpscdb8tawy.jpg
Takata dress and top, Topshop brooches, Fendi bag, Up wedges

1 comment:

alatukur123 said...

Fashionnya bagus- bagus ...good job , salam kenal...

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