Thursday, June 18, 2015

Hello, There!

Once in a while, I think I would like to make a dedicated post which compiles snaps that people take with me. Friends like to ask me how it feels to be a "celebrity" and have people asking to take pics with you, but honestly, I am not a celebrity and I don't feel like one. I am an entrepreneur and I think that's a totally different game. I am also naturally very dorky and I think this is what keeps me grounded anyway. I will still smile awkwardly at times (which I usually regret afterwards), and pull off my peace-sign finger gesture because I don't know how else to pose. But anyway, thank you so much to those who stop me on the streets or malls and take your time to take pics with me. I am honored that you even recognize me. Thank you! :)

Here are some recent ones in which I was tagged on Instagram so consider this a #regram! :)

 photo www_zpsrvbui8fn.jpg  photo ww_zpsicias8rz.jpg  photo wwwwww_zpsicelwc9k.jpg  photo w_zpsfroglkcy.jpg  photo wwwww_zpsa80wjvye.jpg  photo wwww_zpsd5ppw1ss.jpg

Anyway, I feel really bad because last Tuesday when I was walking in Lotte Shopping Avenue, two girls approached me to take a pic with me, and as much as I was happy about it, I had to spontaneously respond with a "oh yes, but can you please wait because I am in a rush?", and I realize I was talking and walking very fast as well. Reality is, I actually was in a rush to the ATM. My worker was at the material shop and he was already in front of the cashier waiting for me to transfer him the money so he can immediately swipe. So I just really really had to do what I had to do first. But when I was done, I tried looking for them the two girls but unfortunately they had already gone, probably thinking that I didn't want to take a pic or basically a snob. So saaaaaad. I hope you girls read this because that really wasn't the case. Nevertheless, I am sorry and..thank youuuu! :)


indah nuria Savitri said...

I would have some snaps with you, too :). Cheers..

Saskia Rahmadina said...

i can tell it bothers you a lot that you can't take picture with the girls so you make this post hahaha. aku juga pernah foto sama kak Di waktu itu di mall Grand Metropolitan, and yesssssshhh you look so suprised and awkward and you pull out your peace sign just like what you said haha. what makes me questioning is that Mr Sharjeel just walk away without even one glance and doubt at all. Is he getting used to it or hate it? hehe just curious karena Mr Sharjeel kalo diam mukanya seram sekali :D LOL

Stella Martis said...

Semoga teman-teman yang ga jadi foto itu baca.
Btw foto terakhir itu yang sebelah kanan kak Di, roknya cakep hehe..

sefi said...

Oh, you are so cute for doing this, and I love the look with the stripy dress on you.

Shuriana Khamisan said...

u look so beauty without glass :)

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