Sunday, May 31, 2015

#88lovelife: Meet & Greet in JOGJA!

So happy to have finally met our #88LOVELIFE readers in Yogyakarta! The meet & greet event was held in Gramedia Sudirman, and sooooooo many readers came! Thank you so much, guuuuys. It was fun answering your questions, chatting with you, taking pics. I felt bad that you guys had to queue for so long just to get your book signed, but on another note, happy that the enthusiasm is high in Jogja! :)

Next stop: guess which city in Indonesia!

Anyway, this time we didn't have any photographer coming along so we unfortunately didn't have any proper documentation of the event. Looooooong sigh. But it's okay, the memories remain in my heart! :) *wink wink*


Nurul Rahmawati said...

Surabayaa pleaseeeeee

Fradita Wanda Sari said...

Banjarbaru atau Banjarmasin kak. Pleaseee u.u

Saskilya Yonestya said...

congrats buat bukunya yang skrg lg bomming banget, kak diii >_<

Anonymous said...

hi sis, Im from malaysia, Im very interesting on your book. Do you open for online purchase? and how to contact?

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