Thursday, April 16, 2015

All Raw For FIMELA

I always love working with Fimela because they always carry this modern and fun vibe.

Anyway, hear out my view on blogging, fashion, haters, all wrapped up in one video below. Thanks, Fimela! It was a fun interview...:)

Read the full articles here and here, peeps! :)

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alikolo said...

wow, you're fashion inspiration. "Haters dont hate me coz i'm so much full of love", i think you don't have haters, maybe only jealous people. get 100k voucher every register at

Bayu Radith said...

woww.. you're in Fimela. congrats..

Almazia said...

Kalimat terakhirnya asik banget " If you hate me I won't hate you back because I don't even know you" ^_^

hanny arianty gultom said...

you don't even have that hatred.. i learn something.. thanks Die..

Jane Reggievia said...

One day aku lg ngebahas blogger lokal sama temenku, and she said like, "Kenapa ya klo baca blognya Diana Rikasari tuh auranya positif bgt" and yeaa I cant agree anymore. Even in the lowest point Kak Di msh bs find the bright side. Thank youu for such being an inspiration, you have so much like a rainbow-heart♥

Adeayu Hadijah said...

kak Dianaaa. I love your interview ^^ You are so yourself hehe. and yes, why would we hate someone who we didn't even now?

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