Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Sweet Love

 photo j_zpsb11643c0.jpg  photo jj_zps4e854ecf.jpg  photo jjjj_zps378bd023.jpg  photo jjjjj_zpsa9e603ad.jpg  photo jjj_zpsf18c5f0f.jpg
Unbranded knit top & dress, Asos beanie hat, Moschino bag, Topshop socks, Up wedges


Mei めい said...

Super cute omg!! Love this so much <3

Rizuna Swon said...

Fresh as usual yah :3

Take care,
Rizuna from 100% Nerd

Irvina said...

emak-emak kece :3

Stephanie Evone Wichita said...

love all of the outfit

Fanny Yuniar said...

so cute as always!

risky said...

so cute

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