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Friday, June 20, 2014

Go Bigger!

I like to participate in seminars or talkshows or any kind of sharing sessions because I always leave the event with new inspirations and new ideas. Today was a fun day, speaking at Samsung's "Go Bigger" Networking Night together with Aston Utan and Zeke Khaseli. And thanks to JFlow for being such an awesome host! :)

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And btw, today felt different because I had to bring along my hubby and baby hihih. So sorry to keep you waiting my loooooves. Look how sleepy they were heheheh...muah! :)

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dunia kecil indi said...

Wah, aku juga senang datang ke talkshow/yang ada sesi sharingnya :) Sukses ya, Kak :)

Unknown said...

i'm just wondering...really, how you pulled that off???
blogging, doing talk show, dressing up, taking photos,doing your make up, posing over and over again to get the perfect pose to be uploaded to your blog, updating your blog...all of that while taking care of your newborn???
seriously, i'm also a new young mom, and since i have a newborn i don't even have much shower and sleep honestly..
i mean, i used to be all about dressing up, but since the baby came, i gave it all up, because the baby comes first and i don't have much time anymore, now it's all about diapering, crying baby, nursing, bathing, feeding, vaccinating, staying up all night, and so on..
with the help from my husband only..
and you said you don't have a baby sitter and you want to take care of your baby by yourself..
i'm just curious, or maybe...have i done something wrong?
i never seen anything like this before, once again, how you pulled everything together???
it looks simply impossible..

Unknown said...

i'm just wondering, you pulled that off???
how could you just keep blogging, doing talk shows, dressing up, putting your make up, choosing the perfect outfit, taking pictures, posing, another bunch of posing until you get the perfect shot, editing your photos, uploading, updating your blog.....all of that while having a newborn????
for the first time???
without a baby sitter???
i mean, i'm also a young new mom,i don't have a baby sitter, and i used to be all about dressing up, and have no clues about how extremely busy it is to have a newborn and when the baby came, suddenly i realize i don't really care about my appearance anymore because i simply don't have the time, now it's all about crying baby, nursing, feeding, bathing, vaccinating, diapering, putting the baby to sleep, staying up all night...every single day..
honestly, i don't even have much shower and sleep for god's sake..
please tell me, have i done something wrong??
seriously, i never seen it before, what you're doing looks... impossible...
just tell me...please..

Unknown said...

Nice pic terima kasih untuk berbagi

Margareta Vania said...

GOOD LUCK KA DIANA, love your kid <3 so cute!

Margareta Vania
Fashion Beauty Blogger

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Kusuma Dewi said...

Dear diana maybe you can share your tips for mompreneur with new born , how do you manage your time as a mom, businesswoman, and fashionblogger ;)

Anna said...

Ohmy, you look so pretty and happy and confident, and you just have the CUTEST little boy!

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