Friday, September 13, 2013

Thank You, S!

S came back home early from work today so he could take me out for dinner and movie...this really made me happy, you know? :')

I had Lontong Cap Gomeh, he had Sate Kambing, we then had ice cream, and watched Kick Ass 2. Yay! But I didn't really like the movie hehehe..


Anonymous said...


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Kata Mutiara Cinta said...

Jujur saya suka sekali blog ini, menginspirasi

Anonymous said...

Siapa itu S??? haha very good blog

Temmy MS said...

You two are so made for each other :-)
diana, i have been reading your blog since it has always been postitive. no matter what you have gone through. i love positive people... thanks for being such an inspiration :]

Mitha Komala said...

omg i want lontong cap gomeh ryt now! glad that S is back xx

Letters To Juliet

cintantya sotya ratri said...

How sweet both of you, lovebirds :)

Your happiness is contagious!

Rusydina Tamimi said...

bikin iriii :3

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