Thursday, July 18, 2013

Thin Is In!

OMG! This might be the slimmest, thinnest sanitary napkin I have even seen! Laurier Super Slimguard is only 1 mm thin! :D

 photo a_zps84006b1c.jpg  photo thin_zps7d7f4554.jpg

Although it’s really thin, it is able to absorb more and quickly. I personally like Laurier Super Slimguard because it provides me with the highest comfort and personal hygiene. It feels icky when you wear thick pads and you know you’re walking carrying this thick thing underneath with all those stuff – you know what I mean..;p So the thinner and dryer, definitely the better. And also, thick pads tend to bulge, don’t they? Sometimes I can even see the outline of another woman's sanitary pad when I'm standing behind her on the escalator and my eyes are on the same level with her bottom. It makes me wonder…has any other woman seen me in this situation too? :(

So it definitely is better for us to wear thin sanitary pads. Not only is it pleasant for the body, it’s also pleasant for the eye and mind. Without the bulge, we can always wear our favorite body-fit dresses or jeans – anytime – without having to worry! We all wanna feel comfortable yet also stylish during our period, right? :)

 photo diana_zps46184aed.jpg

FYI, for those who are interested in fashion moreover working in the fashion industry, you should join the Fashion and Career Workshop held by Laurier Super Slimguard! I think it will be a great, valuable experience. How to join? Just go to and win yourself a seat in the workshop. Good luck! :)

 photo j_zps3af6ec1f.jpg


Aisyah Nurkumala said...

i love that shoes

Aisyah Nurkumala said...

i love that shoes

Anonymous said...

love your sense of fashion

Amelia Djamil said...

Kak D, kenapa mesti gitu sih posenya? T.T

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