Monday, July 22, 2013

Frame O Rama..Let's Play!

Have you heard of the brand OPPO? To be honest, I’ve just heard about it recently! I’ve been given the chance to try out the new OPPO Find 5 so I’m super happy to try out something fresh. The shape is attractive. It’s sleek, sharp, somewhat industrial. It’s solid and really rectangle-ish in the sense you feel like you’re holding a thin brick in your hands.

 photo 6_zpsac937719.jpg  photo 9_zpsfac463e4.jpg

The display? One of the best. It’s extremely bright and clear, displaying very crisp text even from various angles.

The camera? It comes with a rear-facing 13 MP camera, and a 1.9 MP front-facing camera. In good lighting, it produces images and videos that are crisp and clear. Haven’t tried out the camera at night yet but I read reviews that say it also produces very good quality photos even with minimum lighting.

 photo 7_zpsc1caa4a2.jpg  photo 10_zpsf6e5df3a.jpg

If you wanna know more about this product, simply go to

Now…next topic. I got 2 things that I am very sure you all will like:
  1. Taking pictures – duh!  #selfie  #ootd  #whatever
  2. A holiday in this beeeaaaauuutiiful island called Raja Ampat.
 photo 12_zps961ddd9f.jpg

It’s a great time to celebrate because it’s Ramadhan month, it’s holiday season for some of you guys, there’s so many new good places to hangout at, discounts and sale are still going on, traffic is not being overly cruel, and it’s summer where everyone wear their favorite heels and floral dresses! While you capture all these awesome moments on your phone, make sure you make good use of it too. When you upload your photos on Twitter, just make sure you add the hashtag #FrameORama. If you’re uploading on Instagram or Path or Facebook, make sure you also “share to Twitter”.

This is so simple because just by adding the hashtag #FrameORama, your photos are automatically included in the super fun and easy Frame O Rama competition by OPPO. Just make sure you have also registered yourself on the website here!

 photo 4_zps92cb0f9b.jpg

This is how you’ll earn points...

 photo 5_zps3bca33ea.jpg

Upload as many pictures, share them to as many people, aaaaaaaand 10 winners with the highest points will win a trip to the breathtaking island, Raja Ampat, and also win OPPO Find 5! #omg #mustjoin #ilovethis #thanksfortheinfodiana #FrameORama

 photo 11_zps4f904107.jpg

Join, play, and read more about it here, guys and girls! RAJA AMPAT IS SO WORTH IT! :)


nadira arasya said...

nice photos :)

siti masyitah said...

pas bgt aku lagi cari2 smart phone. thanks reviewnya kak diana :)

Michelle Othman said...

Very playful and cheerful as always <3<3

Aaron Tatum said...

Cool OPPO :)

Aaron Tatum said...

Cool OPPO!!

Aaron Tatum said...

Cool OPPO!!

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