Monday, June 24, 2013


In order to have a simple, happy life...I think we just gotta know our rights and responsibilities and live accordingly. Everyone has the right to be happy, to have dreams, to express our thoughts, to sing and dance, to eat and sleep, to feel sad and angry. But everything in the right proportion. With rights, comes be responsible to God, to our parents, to respect other people, to do our job right, to help other people, to build a better future, to contribute to the society.

Sometimes, we think about our rights too much, and speak up too loud when someone else violates our rights. We often forget, that other people also have the right to be heard, to be forgiven and to be given a second chance too. Because we also have rights to make mistakes. Because without any, we would never learn...:)


Nao said...

That's spot on. Sometimes we do tend to want all the opportunities without the responsibilities.

Nice bit of insight!

Chandra Iman said...

just like yin and yang, need a perfect proportions :)

Peachberrylicious said...

terimakasih karena selalu membangkitkan aku kak. you have no idea how I feel better right after read this post:)

Ollyvia Laura Arnold said...


irene wibowo said...

you right! :) Thanks for write this di! ;)

Mitha Komala said...

well said, as alwaysss !!

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