Tuesday, April 30, 2013


 photo Untitled-2_zpse42b42c2.jpg  photo Untitled-1_zps940a0406.jpg
Forever 21 sweater, Gaudi vest, Flashy maxi skirt, Up wedges 

Hi, guys...how are you? Sometimes I still wonder whether people out there still read my blog or not. But I do receive comments on each post, so I guess you guys are there! Thank you! :)

Life's been...full of questions. In a good way though. I'm basically a thinker, and I've been thinking a lot lately. Probably need to go traveling or do some major retail therapy to refresh myself heheh. Running a business is a 24-hours commitment. You live and breathe your business, day and night. Even when you go to bed, you still think about the next morning, and the next morning, you're already thinking about tomorrow. Perhaps that's why CEOs get paid so much, heh? Now I understand. I use to wonder back then why CEOs get huge salaries while they seem so relaxed with no papers on their desk. But that's the thing. There's no paperwork. It's all in their heads. Ideas, strategies, plans, essentially all the things a company needs to survive. A clear direction. A firm plan. New implementations. Yada yada. Phew!

Things that made me happy lately:
  • I've achieved my ideal body weight! Yay! 
  • S bought me a really pretty dress with heart-prints on it. I love gifts especially when they come from your own hubby hehe. 
  • One of my employees nominated me as her #MyShiningKartini, a program held by BTPN and UFM Radio and..I won! So so so sweet of her...even better, I was surprised by the BTPN and UFM radio team coming to my house early morning to hand me a gift and a rose. Sweetest thing ever. Thank you soooooo much, dear! It means a lot...:)


qwertyldyone5845 said...

Yeaaayy!!~ love it kak

Mutiara Donna Visca said...

Aawww im happy to read ur happiness kak Di! :D
Have a wonderful days!


Anonymous said...

Mickey loose his legs.... Poor him

USKA said...

mickeynya lucu >~<

nourash said...

cntik ka di

Bayu Radith said...

i want that vest :3


Rahmi K. Gunawan said...

cutie dorky kak di >.<

Miss Aa said...

cute quirky look.. adorable as always :)

visit mine whenever you had a chance :D

warmest regards,
Miss Aa

Rosalinda Tjioe said...

You look so cute in this outfit! Love the vest! xx


Ollyvia Laura Arnold said...

love the photos here ka diana :)


Beny Ricardo said...

Nice Diana! but you need to add some color,.. it's too gloomy honey, but its only my opinion,.. hehehe

Beny Ricardo

Bernadette Czle said...

loving your hat kak Di, so cute xx

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Rin Handika said...

aaak Kak Dii you are so sweet and nice hat btw :D

Yuri Natascha said...

makin pengen bikin usaha nanti u,u

Elshakrist said...

awesome work, kak di! anw, cute mickey mouse! :3


Langit said...

halo kak diana :)
setuju bgt bahwa sebagai owner/ceo/direktur dari sebuah usaha mau besar ataupun kecil totalitas kita dibutuhkan. Papaku sering bilang, bahwa ketika kita menjadi direktur dan semacamnya sebenarnya kita juga jadi pelayan untu karyawan2 kita. Knp? direktur pun ga ada apa2nya tanpa karyawannya. dan karyawan pun bergantung dari hasil perusahaan. Nah, sebagai seorang direktur kita harus selalu berpikir kreatif dan sering2 puter otak menghasilkan hal baru, biar karyawan kita tetap bisa makan :D
semangat ya ka di, papaku juga bilang yg penting dalam kerja itu kita jujur, dan nikmatilah pekerjaan kita, dengan begitu kita bisa mencintai apa yg kita kerjakan ga peduli waktu dan ga menganggap "lembur" itu musibah :)

habiba pratiwi said...

kyaaa i want your hat kak di <3
calme toi, i still here kak :D


Esa Fatmawati said...

Aku selalu suka tulisan2 dan foto2 seorang Diana Rikasari :)
Buat hidupku SEMANGAT!!!
Thank you so much for inspiring me...

kalo mo mampir, tapi gak penting juga sih blognya, isinya curhat doank :p


Om Jon said...

Dedikasi yang cakep, jadi pantes dong dapaet penghargaan kayak begitu. Selamat ya Kak :* hi hi hi

aulia said...

how great dedication of you~!
I hope could follow your step someday


della said...

I did visit your blog sometimes, hopefully not considered as stalking,, it cheers my day :)

Congrats on your #ShiningKartini, heard it on the radio last month and you deserve to win it!!

Mitha Komala said...

just how much i love your sweater and vesttt <3 and congrats on the good things that happened recently, im happy for you too! :D

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Juwita Jalil said...

Hey Diana,

Been reading your blog for a while now. Well more like when I've the luxury of time.

I am in the same boat as you are. I run The Great Indoors (www.thegreatindoors.my). I do have a business partner, but he is based overseas. I do the daily running around, bla bla bla while he focuses on sourcing and the art direction.
Running your own thing is definitely tiring yet fulfilling at the same time. A break every once in a while is much needed. I've not had a proper one since 2011 :(

Hang in there and you're doing well :)

Anonymous said...

sista....I premite to you if I will take several of your fashion diary becomes my thesis data...
hopefully you can give me your biodata...yuly_06_ok@yahoo.com

Anonymous said...

you'd always have me as your reader. although I'm no longer a frequent reader since you're now on instagram lol. my first time commenting your blog since I first read your blog in God-knows-when. <3

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