Friday, February 8, 2013

Sob Sob

I can't think because my baby's away and knowing that he'll be away for 2 weeks is killing me. Gosh how did I become so dependent on S hahahaha...I'm in love, you know? :D


Btw, it's amazing how the young souls can really warm your heart. When I was sad because of S's leaving, Keenan my 3-years-old nephew came to me and said..

(Keenan) "Don't be sad. Keenan is here." 
(Me) "OMG, yes you're right." 
(Keenan) "See? You're not alone." 



Ghina Aulia said...

Awwh you're so cute! It's normal to be sad kak Di, every girls will have those feeling too hehe {} Anyway Keenan is sooo adorable! Such a good boy. Maybe in the future he'll become a good man & partner, yes? ;)


aawwc keenan is so sweeeet

cheer up kak!

Sinéad Odessa said...

that's so sweet haha children say amazing things sometimes (:

QiQi said...

kalo udah nikah emank ga bisa lama2 jauh dr pasangan
gimana gitu rasanya
melow melow marshmallow

Juniper Lane said...

Keenan is really... something ;)

Setiaji said...

what a faithfully woman


Salam kenal kak.

Ollyvia Laura Arnold said...

what a touching words from keenan :))

Mitha Komala said...

aaah i love this post! touchinggg tehee dont be sad he will be back soon, just make yourself busy xx

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MI said...

Love this post, CUTE!

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