Monday, January 7, 2013

Extra Dry

Hi, girls! This is a slightly different post than usual because this time I’m talking about sanitary pads hehehehe. Basically I was asked to try and review these newly launched variants from Charm, “Charm Extra Dry #BebasLembab”. They come in 2 sizes, 23 cm (for day) and 29 cm (for night usage). I gotta say they’re really good! I’ve always used Charm sanitary pads my whole life and I can confidently say that these variants are much better because they’re much much drier, leaving no icky feeling especially irritation to the skin. And I like their new white packaging! Just something different than the signature orange packs. Looks cleaner, yes? :)


If you wanna have a try yourself, you can actually ask for a free sampling delivered directly to your house! If you wanna get these free samples, simply register here. Upon trial, leave your testimonial / feedback here, and selected testimonials will win free iPad(s) yayyyyyyyy! :)


maiya_elsyushan said...

am already registered. tengkyu kak di

Puput said...

I need to try this, thank you for sharing ^^

Anonymous said...

Thank Ka Di for sharing. I've done registering myself in their website and so much want to win that iPad! hehe Amin ;)

Mitha Komala said...

thanks for sharing about this will tryyy ;D

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