Saturday, December 15, 2012

Little Things That Made Us Happy #12

It's been a while since we updated our Happiness Project! here's to sum up the little things of late that made me happy...:)
  • Being able to travel abroad once in while
  • Getting reminded by S to take my vitamins
  • S surprised me with a Hello Kitty pillow
  • Chatting and goofing around with Intan my heartwarming lil' sis
  • Watched two good movies in the cinema in a week - Life of Pi & The Hobbit
  • See Up turn 2 years old and treated my parents some nice lunch to celebrate
  • Keenan (3 y.o. nephew) brought me a glass of water to my room when he knew I was sick 
  • Donated half of my closet to relatives - now my closet has so much room I feel light. And have the reason to shop again heheheh.
  • No matter now deep S is asleep, he always replies when I talk to him at night. Weird, yes? He said it's called the "love wi-fi".
  • See S sing in public, on stage, on his bestfriend's wedding. S never did that his whole life. I'm proud..:)


Emily Bre said...

it's such a good idea to write down the little things that have made you happy each day / week. i think it's a way to definitely change a bit of your outlook especially when looking back on past events / weeks that might have had many bad things happen and being reminded of all the good things as well.

your list is so cute! c: i'm glad you're so happy!

Arfahani Arsad said...

reflecting time!
your husband is so wi-fi? that is super cute.. ;)
i'm from Malaysia! :)

Carlyn Girl said...

I'm glad that you are so positive. I thought the list was very cute. Particularly about S waking up to talk to you when you need it. I also like how you emptied out some of your wardrobe. It's great because your friends and family get some new clothes and you get to buy more new clothes.

Meilina Utomo said...

Loving your nice and interesting blog :)


Princess Monica said...

kak diana, aku ikut seneng baca happiness projectnya :')

Mitha Komala said...

the simplest thing brings major happiness, very happy to read your list kak. stay happy xx

Letters To Juliet

Anonymous said...

wonderful life :))

iegha ZULHAM said...

Love Wi-fi LOL.. a good one :)

chieliciouz said...

it is really nice to see how you grateful with all things happened in your life.. and very inspiring me kak Di :D
and super weird is your hubby with the love wi-fi, but super lovely too :))

keep being a happy women kak Di!


Caroline Michael Pineapple said...

Love it!

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