Friday, November 16, 2012

Little Things That Made Us Happy #3

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Mary Andrikus said...

Hahahaha gada macet itu udah kayak pengalaman setaun sekali ya =D funny S!

Iegha Batam said...

wondering there must be two pages of happy things today on sunday for both of u. Oh wait, maybe the same things for both of u

Mitha Komala said...

"no macet" - looool (y)

Letters To Juliet

Filicia said...

hi, this just a suggestion kak diana :) I love the idea of little things that made you and S happy. But I think it's best to keep them by yourselves as the sake of privacy and secrecy. I'm speaking here not only as the reader point of view but also a blogger.
You know, sometimes happiness can come from something private right? I hope you don't end up not writing that happiness just because you don't want to share it to public. I mean that you keep that book for the sake of your happiness and nothing can limit you. :)
just a suggestion. :D

Adeayu said...

threw a way anything you didnt need? wow jangan-jangan baju yang gak di pake juga kak. kekeke, maybe you can give it to me?

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