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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A Little Bit Of Talking

Allah is very kind, because He always makes me work so hard, fight and struggle to reach the things I dream of in life. I think Allah wants me to appreciate the joy of pursuing and reaching dreams in the most sincere and humble manner, because they don't come in an instant. They all need a long time, a long journey, a lot of thinking, a great deal of energy, patience and courage to achieve. Thank you, Allah...:')


I just got featured in a magazine, and I really didn't like some of the points they included. The points were artificial, and they touched an area of which I already asked the journalist to not disclose. Why do they do these kind of things? I already contacted them regarding this matter so they can clarify. I really dislike this kind of dishonesty.


People have been regularly asking me when S & I will have a baby...the answer is, "only God knows!". Pray for us, please? :)


Lately I have been noticing that "Anti-Bullying" has become an interesting topic to campaign for by several organizations, communities or brands. As much as I like the idea, I really hope they truly get what bullying is, how it really feels and how it affects the victims, and not just do this whole thing as a marketing strategy. I can boldly say that I was a bully victim back then, and it really, really hurts. Even thinking and talking about it again makes me cry..


Sometimes I re-evaluate the meaning of "friends". I just think that sometimes, the word can be used as a social mask to uplift our social status. Simply said, more (perceived) friends, the cooler one is. But deep in my heart, I can actually tell but not say out loudly, who my true friends are. My (real) friends are those who ask and listen to my daily stories and support me for whatever step I take, not those who just leave our friendship over one argument, or call me only if they need help in designing something. But when that applies, my friends-list book is so...thin.


Happy Tuesday! :)


Ruth Kartika Chandra Rini said...

u give me a lot of inspiration diana :D
keep inspiring,,, and cheerss :D

Haliem Yaya said...

Selalu suka sama pemikiran-pemikiran Kak Di tentang hidup.

Allah is very kind :)


keep praying and a lot of dzikir Di..

hanny arianty gultom said...

gw juga sempet posting tentang bullying.. baru publish sekitar 10 menit, langsung save as draft.. takut aja ngebuka luka lama.. takut orang2 tahu sisi lemah gw.. hehe..

semangat ya Die.. it's simply that THEY don't deserve you!


Fransiska Radiono said...

Yes agree with you kak Dii Allah is very kind;D
Sabar kak dan Semangat!! ;D

hanny arianty gultom said...

ohyah.. I'll pray for the baby Die. :)

turisuna said...

Once I also became a bully victim of my seniors in the old working place, yes it was painful, they were so good to make me feel like useless. But hey ... thanks to them, I finally decided to resign and start my own business. Now I'm a business owner, while they still become employees ... yuks

Vania Aprilia said...

so agree with you Kak Diana :)

Pudding Monster

mrs rizki said...

I like this kind of post. Honestly, I admire your writing more than some of your clothes. LOL. Sorry..

Me too, is a bully victim, being fat all my life doesn't help at all. Need a lot to get through that and accept myself for who I am. Now I can say that my life seems a whole lot better than some of my bullies back then. Life's suck. For them.

TiaraAle said...

i agree with you about the last one. :D keep posting kak :D

Rohayatun Fatonah said...

Semoga cepat dapat momongan ya kak dhie!! Allah menunggu waktu yg tepat untuk memberimu baby kak! :)

novi said...

What you write is always inspiring!
Thank you :)

obat-pengobatan alami said...

very very like that....I agree with u kak diana, Allah is very kind....dan semoga cepat dapat momongan kak

Amelia Djamil said...

"not those who just leave our friendship over one argument, or call me only if they need help in designing something"
That's one of the best words to decribe the real friend.

Anonymous said...

Dear Diana,

ngomong-ngomong soal bullying, I read somewhere someone cerita kalo dia being bullied selama kuliah cuma karena dia fashion-forward, dianggap dumb blonde versi lokal. Years after, dia udah jauh lebih sukses dibandingkan orang-orang yang menghinanya dulu, tapi sekarang dia dan teman-temannya malah suka bully orang lain di jejaring sosial, meskipun nggak secara langsung ke orang yang dimaksud. Sedih ya, kok yang megnaku being bullied dan sering ngomong soal anti-bullying malah jadi bully juga... :'(

Blue ocean said...

yeah,and you gave me alot of inspiration :D

Mitha Komala said...

i am truly agree about what you think in the whole idea of bullying. some people participated on it because it is the current trend for now, not because they really care.

Ellen said...

On your second point, sometimes media don't understand the meaning of privacy & integrity. They just publish the news (and sometimes cut or altered one) to get attention, or rather sensation, and disregard the feeling of the person being spotlighted on. Be patient Di, your friends and beloved ones know you better than them :)

About bullying, those people who bully others just want to show superiority and power over the people they consider "weaker" than them. But they are actually the ones who are weak because they need to do such thing to make themselves feel great. You set a good example of how anyone shouldn't succumb being a bully victim. Instead you rise and inspire us to treat everyone in our life in a kind and humble way :)

Terakhir, kudoakan semoga segera dpt momongan yah Di :)

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