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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Modest Love

Small things that make me happy:
  • Blogging
  • Wearing a colorful outfit
  • Having flowers / floral patterns on my outfit
  • Seeing dad chatting with S
  • Seeing dad laughing with S
  • Having lunch and chatting with mom
  • Seeing Keenan's innocent laugh while playing Office Jerk
  • Watching Glee and seeing Rachel and Finn together
  • Reading @msleamichele's tweets
  • Working and staying productive
  • Drinking Quickly
  • Eating chocolate & ice cream
  • Sticking stickers onto anything
  • Seeing S coming back from office
  • Seeing Hello Kitty merchandises
  • Listening to Gamaliel & Audrey sing
  • Spending time at Forever 21
  • Listening to Adele
  • Watching Adele's live performances on Youtube
  • Cooking
  • Thinking what to cook
  • Tidying up my room
  • Seeing how Nick is so sweet to Jess (in "The New Girl")
  • Seeing colorful markers and pens
  • Joking around & spending time with Intan


Evita Topan said...

Interesting post :)

Mita Adindayu said...

love this post ka Di :) meski bukan outfit post, tp tetep suka semua yg Kak Diana postingin :D

devishanty said...

happiness comes in small packages :)

Fransiska Radiono said...

yay! Simple but important right??
Love your post Kak Diii;D

Florencece said...

Cool! :)

I start again! Follow
Welcome <3

Mei めい said...

sama banget yang blogging , minum quickly , hello kitty sama spending time di forever 21 ! :D

Anonymous said...

yeah same with me diana, i like wear colourful outfit too :)

Eka Theresia said...

hahaha we have many same things that can make me happy kak;)

Eka Theresia

ayumelatijewelry said...

yup, i love chocolate too :)

pengobatan alternatif hiv aids said...

love this post girl !!!
i like it !! :)

divaondimes said...

oohhh.. u wear jins.. :D

Anonymous said...

suka postingan ini kak. jadi sdr emg terkadang hal kecil itu yg buat seneng :)

Ode to Baekhyun said...

one more thing:

sleeping in the car/


Aul Howler's Blog said...



Febi Purnamasari said...

I also love Quickly, especially pearl milk tea. How about you? :)

Seycil Ciceylia said...

Happiness come from a small things..

Sarah Rizqi said...

Cutie post! You always have something an interesting for the post. I like it!


SR said...

dunno why I love this post! :D
I like "Seeing how Nick is so sweet to Jess (in "The New Girl")" too, kak Dee♥♥ yeayyy ;;)

SR said...

dunno why I love this post! :D
I like "Seeing how Nick is so sweet to Jess (in "The New Girl")" too, kak Dee♥♥ yeayyy ;;)
My favorite and the most Great drama comedy eveeerrrrrrr! :))

alia pewe said...

i also love glee and my favourite scene is to see rachel and finn together smile to each other :')

kelimutu said...

you make me want to share this kind of thing too..
simple thing that make me always happy.. Love your post Kak Di..

stay awesome and inspiring us.. :)

Anne mahli said...

this entry just so sweet..i can feel it.. :)

Sabrina said...

Amazing! :) i love this blog

Mitha Komala said...

wow never knew that you like the Glee series! great post ;D

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