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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Hot Chocolate Kisses

S: "Babe, can we have burger tonight?"
Me: "Yes."
S: "Can we cook salmon on the weekend?"
Me: "Yes."
S: "Can we buy chicken?"
Me: "Yes."

It's a either I'm a "yes-woman", or he's a "food-man".

Geulis cropped top, Levi's shirt, Coloriot shorts, Up wedges

Btw loooook! A "Hot Chocolate" pillow! Yayyyyyyy! :)


Thank you so much for the pillow, Inda!


Arina Nahya N Nafia said...

Cute wedges kak! you're beautiful:D

Halo Hasta said...

and we always say yes :D

btw cute outfit kak :)

Atikah Nadhifah said...

hahahha, lucu kak :D

Fenny said...

I very like your styleee kak!

Ode to Baekhyun said...

how come i dont know that new UP collection. BRB checking

Fransiska Radiono said...

Kyaaa.. Cute banget gayanya kak Di;D
Ahh liat bantalnya, jadi pengen boboo,hihih..

Calita Hin said...

love love !

Calita Hin said...

love love!

Karina Dinda R. said...

Hehehe cute conversation! Love your hair style kak :)

Karina Dinda R. ♥

Anonymous said...

cool! by the way,there's someone that selling things for placing ur accessories! just go with this link :)

Sarah Rizqi said...

Hahaha that's a cute conversation, kak. I love your outfit anyway, especially your short. Looks so cute!


Nana said...

woww.. ilove this hot chocolate pillow :D
it's very warm if i sleep with that!
hahahha... good combination color.. ^^

Mitha Komala said...

the wedges and short are so adorable! love this look <3

Blue ocean said...

love your wedges kak :)
nice outfit bte :)

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