Friday, November 4, 2011

Pom Pom Pom Pom

Just read Clara's post and it gave me shivers. It really is amazing how the internet can make us humans interact with one another just like that. Everything is made easier, closer and reachable. And sharing & helping is made even more possible. Thank you for the beautiful post, Clara...:')

I myself have been receiving so many emails and applications for my "Level UP! Scholarship Program", and it really does break my heart to hear their stories on how they fight and struggle to have education. Right now I'm in the process of screening some candidates that Up will be funding. For those of you who don't have any financial worries on your education, please study hard. Education is really important for your future. And don't say that grades are not important. They are important. Grades motivate you to study harder and achieve higher...:)

Unbranded shirts, H&M faux leather shorts & hat, Accessorize pompom shawl, Payless socks, Up wedges


Mei めい said...

the 4th photo is funny ! ahhaa :p

ismyfuturebright said...

aaa so cute kak Diii , yellow with UP Rainbow !
and editing photo yg di sofa so perfect :)

pranandafitri said...

waah.. setting fotonya baru ya kak... sofa warna stabilo, really cool!! ;)


Cute and adorable pictures you have.. :)


myra abdullah said...

woah! cute and superb cute!

Prasetyo said...

Nice articles. Dont forget to give us your comment into my blog here

Sarisariiii said...

you always have unique and nice picts diiii... :)

Anindita Khrisna Murti said...

is that (in the background) your closet diana? i'm curious to see what is it look like... ^.^)b

cute outfit and even more cute sofa.

great thought too. well, I my self always try to study hard because I think it is my responsibility to my parents to finish my study. since they're the one who paid for it.

visit my blog & my store, everyone! :D

Paola Gallardo said...

Great pictures ;)

ayu damayanthi said...

Kak Dianaaaa, editannya unyuuu <3

Love from Bali,

kelimutu said...

this post is make me realized about thankfulness. Yeah,, I should to thanks to god that I still can go college and I never want to waste that opportunity.
great post!!

btw, you looks cute on those photos kak Di.. ^^

love maye said...

good topic.
i also pray to God to make me rich so that i can send many children to school. i believed in education as our passport to good life ahead of us.

Alexandra said...

this is cute :)

claradevi said...

Sofa ijo! kesukaannya tante!!! :D
Dianaaaaa thank you for the shout out. You are inspiring and thanks so much for the Up funding, I'm happy you made us shop for goodness :)
me love you!

Anya Sinta said...

u look cute, kak! hehe :)
and ur stella rainbow is so ahmazing!!

Fashion Part of My Life said...

wow how cute xD

Fetty Asihta Kencana Putri said...

Cute outfit and I love the 4th picture! :*
Thanks for UP scholarship program! I'm so happy when I found UP have that program. I'm so happy when I buy a pairs of UP I can help them, even though just a little one.
This post make me more realize to study harder, achieve higher!
Thank you for inspiring me kak! :)
Love you! :*

Fenny said...

kak diana cute banget sihhhh.... love! love!


Princess Cut Engagement Rings said...

I love the sandals.
Looking very funky...
soaks is adding more color to it.

buy rift account said...

OH my! that was super it.

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