Friday, October 28, 2011

Love, Diana

During my recent Singapore trip, I was invited to visit the warehouse of Love, Bonito, a Singaporean fashion line owned by three gooooooorgeous girls; Velda Tan, Rachel Lim and Viola Tan. Feel so honored! :)


I've actually never heard of this brand nor the online shop before so I was really excited to see the warehouse and all the stuff they have myself. Joining me were bloggers Clara & Cheesie...:)


The three ladies were so kind to let us play around and try on their clothes and shoes, and they also allowed us to pick and bring home some pieces for free...very kind, yes? :D


These were the items I chose...


Love, Bonito is only available online, and they happily ship worldwide including to Indonesia! They have many lines such as their premium line 'COVET', 'Basics by Love, Bonito', 'Swimwear by Love, Bonito' as well as their most recently launched, 'Bridesmaids by Love, Bonito'. From what I saw, their pieces are very universal, in the sense that it can appeal to many types of people because the designs are nothing edgy nor loud. Nothing over the top, just wearable for day and night.

If you like their stuff, for the month of November (1st - 30th), Love, Bonito is extending a flat shipping rate of SGD$7.00 to their international orders inclusive of registered mails. This is a very very very good deal for us Indonesians, you know? :)


And do join Love, Bonito on Twitter and Facebook...:)


PS: Happy faces after getting freebies...;p



Olivia said...

huaaa!!pretty candy heels. which one do you pick?

Sesilia Anastasia said...

so cute :)
ps: I love your headband :) said...

nice blog

AuL Howler said...

I wanna see u wearing your new stuffs :))


Aina said...

OMG..u met Cheesie !!
she's my fave Malaysian blogger.

Mustika Hayati said...

seems so fun !

ayu damayanthi said...

Freebies always smeels good, agree kak? :p

william said...

beautiful dress and like it so much

thank you for sharing :)

claradevi said...

YAAAAAAY love bonito post finally up!
diana did you know my macbook crashed down just TODAY and I lost all my photos? But somehow... despite all the panic attack I maintain to stay relax and do the best to catch up with everything. I think your happy-go-lucky really influenced me in some way. so happy to met you!

Cliff said...

hahhh that was so much fun!!! :D

Arif Chasan said...

it is a lady bussiness... lol

Rosalinda Tjioe said...

Seems like fun! Totally envy you <3 x


so cute headband.. <3


Mitha Komala said...

looks like you had a lot of fun! pretty outfits they are and awesome shoes :D

Putra kembar said...

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hadi said...

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F u n y said...

your headband is so catchy :)

invite me

Dtupin said...

Thanks for sharing, it's nice...!

Priyadi Anderson said...

keren blognya.. pantesan blognya nongkrong di topblog indonesia matters...
salut... (kalo bisa follow balik ya... thx)

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